Upset is Optional

Upset is Optional

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First Digi-Talk is on Us!


Recall the last time something upset you; how long did it effect you? Let’s fix that. You train CrossFit for physical fitness.  You pursue advanced degrees for mental fitness.  Why dedicate any less attention to emotional fitness?  After all, it’s the power through which you can transform everyday experience into nourishment.

You are heir to two powerful pieces of technology.  The first is your body. The second is language. You use them in the rendering of your subjective experience.  We will teach you to work with each so that the stories you tell and the body you design serve you and those around you.  

Mondays 6:30 - 7:30pm EST

Session 1 : Aug 26th

Moderator: Edwin Zhao teaches the art of attention through a set of practical skills. He is a graduate of the Duggan Method and focuses on men, inter-generational communication, burnout, and stress.