Don’t Worry. Stay Sukhi.

We improve the emotional climate of diverse communities via virtual peer support groups (Digi-Talks). They are groups moderated by a team culturally relevant counselors. They explore a variety of wellness topics, including: Recovering form Tiger Parents, Me, My Bi-cultural Self and I, and Reducing Burn Out.

Sukhi translates to happiness in Sanskrit and we plan to promote just that.


The Sukhi Movement

Sukhi is about building meaningful connections. We aim to build a vibrant community while removing the stigma associated with seeking support. It’s a big task, helping our members navigate the complexities of being human. Our goal is to embrace the nuances of cultural identity as we apply evidence-based techniques enable diverse groups to improve their social and emotional well-being.


Thoughts from the Sukhi Community


"Having a community like SUKHI that understands the cultural dynamics that are in play are so important!"

“I learned good and easily adoptable life style practices from SUKHI, like daily meditation.”

“I was able to connect with a therapist who came from a similar culture as myself. The path to self-improvement is long and hard, but I wouldn’t be on this journey without SUKHI.” 


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