Our Story


Sukhi was born from a combination of the pain witnessed within our inner circles and the desire to leverage technology in a thoughtful manner. We have seen first hand how stigma and a lack of access to culturally competent services have exacerbated our community's ability to improve their social and emotional well-being.

We know some conversations can be harder than others. So we built a platform to make it easier for people to connect and celebrate their diversity.


Meet Our Team

We are a group of social entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting mental tranquility for all people.


Rahul Kulkarni


Prior to Sukhi, Rahul was a strategy consultant with McKinsey, a global health official (UN World Food Program, USAID) and a wide-eyed rock guitarist. As a true fan of Boston academics, he has an MBA from MIT, an MPH from Tufts Medical, and studied Clinical Psychology at Tufts.


Sourabh Sinha


Prior to Sukhi, Sourabh held various executive product development roles in Microsoft and at multiple healthcare IT startups. He received an Aerospace Engineering degree from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from the University of WA. Sourabh lives in Seattle, enjoys the Pacific Northwest outdoors, and is an avid golfer.


Judi H. Wise, Employee Wellness

Prior to Sukhi, Judi was the Director of Education Services and Wellness for Hill Physicians Medical group. She developed one of the first corporate emotional wellness programs in the Bay Area and has been assisting companies with developing whole-health employee wellness programs since 2003.


Shweta Mehrotra

, Customer S

uccess Lead

Over the past 9 years, Shweta has driven several online and offline ventures through their entire customer and product development cycles. She is responsible for ensuring that our customers are happy and satisfied with Sukhi’s offerings. Shweta lives in Seattle.


Nathaniel Ezolino, Product Development

Nathaniel has been bridging gaps between people and technology to help answer tough questions. He is passionate about decreasing barriers to mental wellness services for minority communities. Nathaniel strives to bring Sukhi to organizations and people that need it most. He graduated from North Western and currently works for Accenture.


Charles Stromeyer, Artificial Intelligence Advisor

Advisor to Startups, Startups helped have raised a combined total of about $1 billion in funding, and have had 8 exits, including one IPO.


Skye Tse, Graphic Design

Skye is a senior at Boston University completing a BFA in Graphic Design. She is the Vice President of Public Relations in her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, as well as their Licensing Chair, and also served on Boston University’s Badminton Team as their Public Relations / Social Media Chair.


Olga Akselrod, Marketing and Opps

During the last 18 years, Olga worked in operations, sales, finance, marketing, HR, IT, and business analysis at large companies that include GE, Gillette, and Tyco Healthcare. But left that environment years ago because she wanted to be part of the smaller team where she could have a bigger impact. Olga built a number of small companies since then, including NGIN, one of the East Coast’s top-rated startups.