Aditi Verma

"Aditi works to help people increase self-awareness and happiness through understanding and integrating the unique nuances of their own selves. We will form a genuine collaboration where we work together to help resolve problems that interfere with your life, deal with personal and relationship challenges and life transitions, and enhance personal growth. Psychotherapy provides an environment where you can learn about yourself and create change in your life. It’s important to find a therapist who helps you feel safe and understood but is still effective in facilitating change.

Aditi has earned her Masters of Education and Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University.

Aditi’s experience in an outpatient setting as both a supervisor and counselor as well as in post-secondary education as a mentor encompasses working with a diverse client population whose social functioning levels covers a wide spectrum including mental health, substance abuse and daily life stressors. Aditi utilizes cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, motivational interviewing and rational emotive behavioral techniques.