Pavan Prasad

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Pavan Prasad



Clarity Clinic, 1 E Superior St Ste 306, Chicago, IL

Specialties & Expertise

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

Phone : 3124872724 , (312) 754-9404



  • Adult

  • Adolescent

  • Preteen



Blue Cross Blue Shield

Out of network

Professional Statement

I use a holistic approach, treating the full person rather than just symptoms. I specialize in treating Adult and Adolescents (12 years and up) with mood, self-esteem, and concentration problems, as well as working with more diffuse issues around identity, interpersonal relationships, and professional achievement. I address emotional distress and difficulties in daily living. This could manifest as depression, anxiety, insomnia, problems with intimacy or self-esteem, problems with concentration, feeling excessively angry or guilty, or trouble finding meaning in life, to name only a few.

I provide psychotherapy as well as medication management. Through my comprehensive evaluation, I will work with you to determine whether pharmacologic treatment, therapy or a combination of both would be most helpful for you. In treatment with me, you will find a thoughtful, warm, and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

I create effective, individualized treatment plans to best suit my patients needs including psychotherapy (""talk therapy""), medications (psychopharmacology), or both in combination. If medication is needed, I give the least medication necessary for the greatest positive outcome.