Our Story

Sukhi was born from a combination of the pain witnessed within our inner circles, and the desire to leverage technology in a thoughtful manner. Asian and Asian American communities are more at risk for anxiety and depression. We have seen first hand how stigma, culture, and a lack of access to culturally competent providers have exacerbated the issue and lead to low utilization rates of wellness services.

We wanted to build a platform that could reduce burnout, increase mental resilience, and promote happiness for all people. We strive to do this through our approach: Connection, Community, and Content.

By leveraging data, technology, and the power of already established social communities, we can reduce the stigma associated with seeking support and increase access to thoughtful content and wellness services.


Meet Our Team

We are a group of social entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting genuine connection.


Rahul Kulkarni


Prior to Sukhi, Rahul was a strategy consultant with McKinsey, a global health official (UN World Food Program, USAID) and a wide-eyed rock guitarist. As a true fan of Boston academics, he has an MBA from MIT, an MPH from Tufts Medical, and studied Clinical Psychology at Tufts.


Sourabh Sinha


Prior to Sukhi, Sourabh held various executive product development roles in Microsoft and at multiple healthcare IT startups. He received an Aerospace Engineering degree from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from the University of WA. Sourabh lives in Seattle, enjoys the Pacific Northwest outdoors, and is an avid golfer.


Shweta Mehrotra

, Customer Success Lead

Over the past 9 years, Shweta has driven several online and offline ventures through their entire customer and product development cycles. She is responsible for ensuring that our customers are happy and satisfied with Sukhi’s offerings. Shweta lives in Seattle.